Monday, September 10, 2007

Rudy may accomplish pro-life agenda

I support Rudy Giuliani for President for many reasons. One of which may prove my thinking a bit different. I am pro-life and I believe Rudy Giuliani may have the greatest impact on that issue - though I don't vote for a candidate based on any one issue alone.

The saying, "The Lord works in mysterious ways" may be very true applied to Giuliani. As an example, we have today, arguably, the most pro-life President in our nations' history. Yet, abortion has remained legal and will remain legal every single day of his 8-year Presidency. Ultimately, the decision is not the President's it is the court's.

Giuliani, who is personally opposed would preserve the decision for each woman. He would also appoint, demonstrated by past history, constructionists to the bench. It is believed, again by demonstrated past history, that constructionist judges would more likely end or greatly reduce abortion. My confidence in Giuliani is strengthened by vocal supporters such as Theodore Olsen, former United States Solicitor General, Miguel Estrada, former Assistant Solicitor General, and Co-founder of the Federalist Society Steven Calabresi all who serve on Giuliani's Justice Advisory Committee. Giuliani understands the term "constructionist" and he is less likely to make appointments that turn out later to be disappointments.

Further, the individual decision on abortion may be impacted by a number of factors including education, employment, and availability of services for foster care or adoption. Giuliani's strategy has demonstrated results - reducing abortions by 16% and increasing adoptions by 66% during his term in New York. That's not only real progress, those are lives saved.

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