Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've discovered the cause of runaway government spending

Our pocketbooks and wallets are under attack daily by excessive government spending at all levels. Our President, Congress, Governor, Legislature, County Commission, and City Council all suffer, from time to time too often, with spending largess.

I've experienced first hand a system that leads to waste with unnecessary cost embedded in bureaucracy. As an example, I'll be surprised if the $10 million allocated for U.S. 78 through the federal SAFETEA-LU bill results in $6 million in benefit to the local community.

We read daily of new and expanded government programs. We hear of services provided to those not eligible.

Too often our elected representatives spend like "drunken sailors". But, it may not be their fault. I may have stumbled on an alarming reason why they spend as they do. Could it be their education (indoctrination)?

I recently re-read an old article written about a former elected official, who is running for office again by the way, that scared me to "dickens" and shed light on perhaps the root of the problem.

This candidate, who desires control over our wallets, is a civics and government educator. He is quoted lecturing to his class in the third person, "Now you know Mr. Pickpocket (not his real name) doesn't like paying taxes and believes government is bloated," he said. "Mr. Purse Snatcher (also not his real name, but close), like most people, wants a high quality of life, but he doesn't want to always have to pay for it."

Well, who the "heck" is supposed to pay for his high quality of life?

You guessed it, you and me - Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, Business Owner, Regular Joe, and Good Ole' American Guys and Gals.

So, you see, perhaps we are too harsh on our elected officials spending habits. If they've been indoctrinated from a young age to believe that when you grow up, you should run for public office, and then you too can enjoy a high quality of life paid for by the labors of others. Just like Mr. Gravy Train (no, not his real name either, but you get the picture). They're just doing as they were taught.

Perhaps we should require more stringent teaching credentials.

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