Thursday, January 3, 2008

Spreading Democracy

How would the Las Vegas or London odds makers evaluate the probability that the U.S. or U.K. will ever return to tribal or true monarchical government and economy? What is the likelihood that Japan will return to imperial rule? The odds would be staggering the probability minuscule.


Because a free-market, entrepreneurial based economy is the strongest defense against government intervention and any form of government other than democracy (or democratic republics). Give small business the opportunity to do business and they will greatly dictate the form of government citizens will tolerate.

Even the much smaller Hong Kong (by geography and population) has dominated the impact on China since England transitioned governmental control back to the mainland.

So, how may the world's free economies positively spread democracy? How may we positively impact Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Africa, and many others?

Presidential candidate Mayor Rudy Giuliani has the answer when he posed and answered the question, "What do Americans want to do? We want to sell something."

Giuliani correctly suggests that by establishing free-trade policies with the people of Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, and others they, the citizens of those nations, will demand a more democratic and open government. The business community will demand a nation of greater peace, of stronger laws - to preserve their own prosperity.

Rudy's right. It's time to find creative ways to do business in all nations. Establish strong trading partners and we will benefit not only the American business community, but the safety and prosperity of people across the entire globe.

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Gary said...

To show I do occasionally read your blog, it looks like we both picked not the most popular guy for prez this time around, huh.

I'm posting this prior to Tuesday's Florida results and Wednesday's withdrawal by Rudy. Just a hunch, though, I could be wrong.