Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What a difference

At the outset, let me state that I share in the responsibility and blame for the mayoral transition in Snellville in 2000 that was less than the City deserved. Norcross, however, is setting the example for future transitions from long-serving administrations to newly elected and much of the credit goes to Mayor Lillian Webb.

Mayor Webb, a classy lady by any measure, has served her community and Gwinnett County for some 37 years. By all accounts the mayoral race in Norcross was respectful. When the votes were counted in the mayoral run-off, Mayor Webb lost to first time candidate Bucky Johnson. Mayor-elect Johnson is also deserving of praise for his campaign and gratious public comments about Miss Lillian.

Mayor Webb arrived at City Hall with the news of her defeat, congratulated Mayor-elect Johnson, and offered her continued support and assistance to her City in any capacity desired.

Mayor-elect Johnson will benefit from Mayor Webb's experience and love of her community. Believe me, elected office is tough and Mayor Webb, now 79 years young, has proven herself equal to the task and an outstanding public servant. If Mayor-elect Johnson's campaign night statements are an indication of his future leadership, the City Miss Lillian led so well for so long will continue to thrive and these two candidates have provided all a model for future service.
Photos by Jason Braverman, Gwinnett Daily Post

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