Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Off to Dallas, Texas

I'll be spending the next three days just north of Dallas in Collin County, Texas. The trip is one organized by the Gwinnett Chamber titled a "Strategic Leadership Visit". I attended a similar trip some time ago to Fairfax, Virginia.

The purpose is to take a group from Gwinnett County involved in business, government, education, the arts, medicine, and other disciplines to an area with similar challenges to investigate what they may be doing differently than Gwinnett. The Fairfax trip was eye opening. We get many things right here in Gwinnett, we have room to improve in areas as well.

The Texas trip looks to be of similar value. Collin County is rapidly growing, faces demographic and transportation issues similar to Gwinnett.

One of the most important aspects of trips such as this, however, is the strengthening of local bonds and the ability to share details of various local initiatives with others active in the community. The result is improved partnerships, expanded support for local projects, and an improved understanding of the challenges we face in Gwinnett. It appears about 54 are going on the trip - ought to be interesting.

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