Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Less Talk, More Action Leadership Team

Brett Harrell (R-Snellville) candidate for State Representative, District 106 announced today the initial members of his “Less Talk, More Action Leadership Team”. The list of supporters, volunteers, endorsers, and contributors includes over 100 community leaders and elected officials from all over House District 106, Gwinnett County and Georgia.

Harrell said, “I am gratified and honored to have the support of so many respected elected officials and community leaders from across HD 106, Gwinnett County and Georgia who have joined in support of my candidacy. It is a clear statement of the growing strength and momentum for our effort to continue providing solid, conservative leadership at the state Capitol. This early support also demonstrates that people trust my proven conservative record of cutting taxes and spending and reducing the size of government and that they also trust my ability to deliver at the State Capitol. These supporters are ready to stop the talk and political spin of those simply seeking power. They want a leader who will actually deliver. That is why I am running and that is why we are asking you to join in support too. ”

Harrell served as mayor of Snellville from 2000 until 2003. During his tenure he cut property taxes every year and reduced the overall burden of government by 52 percent while expanding the police force, preserving over 100 acres of permanent green space, and establishing the vision that led to a new Recycling Center, Senior Center, and City Hall.

Most recently, Harrell served as the executive director of the Evermore Community Improvement District (CID) where he managed the day-to-day operations of a self-taxing business district comprised of 469 commercial property owners and 1,585 businesses providing over 16,000 jobs. While managing the CID, Harrell successfully advanced over $130 million in projects including vital transportation improvements like the Hwy. 78 improvements.

District 106 includes the City of Snellville and parts of unincorporated Grayson and Lilburn in Gwinnett County.

Harrell for House Less Talk, More Action Leadership Team:

Our leadership team consists of supporters, volunteers, endorsers, and contributors.

Joe Allen, Executive Director, Gwinnett Place CID

State Representative Stephen Allison

Former Council Member Joe and Sydney Anderson, Snellville

Commissioner Mike and Tegwen Beaudreau

Mayor Pro Tem Barbara and Greg Bender, Snellville

Valerie Blalock, Former Evermore CID Executive Assistant

Ken Bleakly

Ossie Brewer

Don Britt

Former Mayor Stacey Britt, Grayson

Former GOP Chair Buzz Brockway

Council Member Jace Brooks, Suwanee

Ruth and Bob Bruhns

Former State Representative Don Butler

State Representative Charlice Byrd

Former City Attorney Mike and Lynda Byrne, Snellville

Former State Representative Eugene Callaway

Gwinnett Y.R. Chair Rich Carithers

Carla Carraway

Brad and Michelle Carver

State Representative David and Ann Casas

State Representative Mike Coan

Michelle Couch, Blitz Communications

Ann and Len Coverdale

State Representative Clay Cox

Cathryn Creasy

Becky and Gary Custar, Evermore CID Board Member

Brian Donegan, Founder, Can-Do Conservatives

Brandon Doty

Rich Edinger, P.E.

Council Member Steve Edwards, Sugar Hill

Dave Emanuel

Jim Estlund, Plaza Security

State Representative Melvin and Geri Everson

Mary Fergus

Former Council Member John Ferrara, Loganville

Commissioner Tim Fleming, Newton

Council Member Dan Foster, Suwanee

Gordon Getty

Joe Gilkey

Jackie Ginn

Alice Green

Dr. James Haddad

Bob Hamilton, CPA

Diane Harrell

Vivian and Bobby Harrell, RPh

Sharon and Marvin Harris

Council Member Katie Hart-Smith, Lawrenceville

Jonathan Hawkins

State Representative Billy Horne

State Representative Mike Jacobs

Mayor Bucky Johnson, Norcross

Gaye and Gerald Johnson

Terri Jondahl

Lawrence Kaiser, P.E.

State Representative Jerry Keen, Majority Leader

Michele and Michael Leach

Brenda and Harold Lee

Bruce LeVell, Gwinnett Village CID Board Member

Vickie and Dennis Malone

Laurie McClain, CPA

Council Member Kevin McOmber, Suwanee

Linda and Marty Merkler

Steven Miles

Joan Miller

Former City Attorney Thomas Mitchell, Snellville

Gail Moore, Tri-City Times

Bartow Morgan

Council Member Craig Newton, Norcross

Melisa and Jimmy Norton, Chair, Snellville DDA and CID Board Member

Mayor Jerry and Roxann Oberholtzer, Snellville

Chairman Sam Olens, Cobb County

Dr. Prahlad Pant

Vipul Patel

Marcy Pharris

Mayor Gary Pirkle, Sugar Hill

Leo & Zart Portnell

State Representative Tom Rice

Harry Rice

Jon Richards

Joyce and Dean Robinson, Former Evermore CID Board Member

Former GOP Chair Mike Royal

Rockie and Thomas Sapp, Former Evermore CID Executive Assistant

Regina and Sid Sartor

Former Council Member Kurt and Gretchen Schulz Snellville

Dr. Jane Scott and Quincy Jones

Fred Sealy

Nancy Sellers

Diann and Ken Shiver, Former Evermore CID Chairman

Council Member Tammy Shumate, Grayson

Greg Shumate

Ajay Singadia

Former Council Member Mike Smith, Snellville

Captain Jeff Smith, Lawrenceville Police Department

John D. Stephens

Tom and Lynn Studer

Marilyn Swinney

Former City Manager Jeff Timler, Snellville

State Representative Len Walker

Former Council Member James Walters, Snellville

Chuck Warbington, Executive Director, Gwinnett Village CID

Council Member Tod Warner, Snellville

Former Mayor Lillian Webb, Norcross

James Whitaker, CPA

Council Member Allison Wilkerson-Rooks, Grayson

Former Mayor Doug Wilkerson, Grayson

State Representative Wendell Willard, Chair, House Judiciary

State Representative Mark Williams

Yvonne Williams, Executive Director, Perimeter CID

Mark Williams, Chair, Gwinnett Place CID

Doris Wilmer P.E.

Council Member Tom and Carol Witts, Snellville

Faye and Larry Woodruff, RPh

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