Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Former City Attorneys endorse former Mayor for State House

Former Snellville City Attorneys Michael Byrne and Thomas Mitchell today endorsed former Mayor Brett Harrell for State Representative, District 106.

Byrne says, “Brett Harrell served with caring and compassion while maintaining a steadfast adherence to the rule of law and defense of the city. I served with him during the greatest tragedy to ever impact Snellville, the 2001 billboard collapse, and witnessed a man possessing tremendous faith, fortitude, and leadership.” Byrne adds, “We need more people like Brett Harrell in elected office, he is truly a public servant, a statesman, and a gentleman.”

Mitchell agrees, saying, “Brett gets the job done without regard for who gets the credit. He is interested in solving problems and doing so efficiently, effectively, and judiciously.” Mitchell continues, “Brett Harrell has a unique ability to see the big picture, to envision solutions others miss, and to build alliances to accomplish goals. Brett Harrell simply delivers.”

Harrell says, “I have been fortunate to work with many professionals over my career. I have learned from all of them – perhaps no others more so than Michael Byrne and Thomas Mitchell.” Harrell concluded saying, “With the support of the citizens of District 106, I will continue to listen and seek wise counsel as their representative at the state Capitol and I will continue to deliver for our community.”

Harrell served as mayor of Snellville from 2000 until 2003. During his tenure he cut property taxes every year and reduced the overall burden of government by 52 percent while expanding the police force, preserving over 100 acres of permanent green space, and establishing the vision that led to a new Recycling Center, Senior Center, and City Hall.

Most recently, Harrell served as the executive director of the Evermore Community Improvement District (CID), where he managed the day-to-day operations of a self-taxing business district comprised of 469 commercial property owners and 1,585 businesses providing over 16,000 jobs. While managing the CID, Harrell successfully advanced over $130 million in projects, including vital transportation improvements like the Hwy. 78 improvements.

Harrell is running for state representative for District 106 to succeed Melvin Everson, who is running for Labor Commissioner. District 106 includes the City of Snellville and parts of unincorporated Grayson and Lilburn in Gwinnett County. ###

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